High Variance

Moving From iPhone 6 to 7

You might think the world has plenty of iPhone 7 reviews. Maybe even more iPhone 7 reviews than it needs. You’re probably right, but the vast majority are written by nerds who upgrade their phones every year. Upgrading is a totally different experience for regular people who have waited two (or more) years. As a recent upgrader from a venerable iPhone 6+, I am here to tell you that it’s worth moving up to the latest and greatest.

Battery: After two years of use (including 4 tough months of Pokemon Go), the battery on my 6+ was in bad shape. Now I’m back to making it through a whole day without an external battery pack. Phew!

CPU/GPU: The 7+ is noticeably faster. Apps start faster and game animations are smoother. Nice.

RAM: The 6+ had 1GB. This wasn’t enough. Switching apps almost always required the app to start from scratch. Switching web pages meant watching slow reloads. All that’s gone with the 7+’s tripled RAM. I think this is the most noticeable improvement and it’s glorious.

Camera: The camera is higher resolution, better in low light, and has 2x optical zoom. Live pictures (which store a little bit of video before and after your still) are new since the 6. All this is neat and lots of folks will appreciate it more than me.

Other Stuff:

  • Turning it on is faster since it recognizes when you pick it up. This is cool.
  • The home button is worse, but the phone is a lot more waterproof than before.
  • The vibrate alert is just as vibrate-y and it’s now quieter when the phone is sitting on a table.
  • The new colors are fine, but totally not noticeable when the phone is in a case.
  • No headphone jack = no big deal.

The 6 is a pretty good phone–Unless yours is broken, you don’t need to upgrade. That said, the 7 is a lot better and I notice the improvements every day.