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Monster Books Addendum

I’m a little embarrassed to say there were three important omissions from my monster book review article. So without further ado:

Jillian Jiggs Not My Monster Monster at the End

  1. Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue: Jillian’s little sister is afraid of a monster so Jillian and her friends build a monster machine to shrink it and smash it into meatloaf. It’s a little violent for my taste, but R loves it and there is a good twist at the end.

  2. That’s Not My Monster: My 10-month-old loves this book with all it’s textures and cuteness though I think it does run a close second to That’s Not My Lion in the series.

  3. There’s a Monster at the End of This Book!: I absolutely loved this book when I was a kid and R definitely enjoys laughing at Grover at the end. Just don’t get me started on the iPhone App version