High Variance


[Shazam LyricPlay on Youtube]

This morning I had a real WOW moment with my iPhone. I was in the car listening to the radio and a super-catchy song I’d never heard before comes on. (If you must know, it was Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger–I have no shame) I quickly break out my phone, and Shazam it. That means I started the Shazam app and jammed my finger on the center of the screen so it would start listening to the song. While it tried to match the song to one in it’s vast database-in-the-cloud, I tossed my phone onto the passenger seat–I was supposed to be 100\% focused on driving the car after all. A few moments later I glance over to see if Shazam had figured it out and it was scrolling the lyrics of the song playing! In time with the music! And nice and big and appropriate for singing along! Turns out that if what you Shazam is one of their 30,000 LyricPlay-enabled songs, you just flip your phone sideways and you suddenly have a pocket-sized Karaoke machine. Awesome!